Costa Cálida

The Costa Calida is an about 250 km long coastline in the region of Murcia. The name, which means "warm coast", comes from the warm water temperatures which are here on average five degrees higher than in the surrounding Mediterranean. There is beautiful beaches and South we find the largest salt water lagoon in all Europe, El Mar Menor ("the smaller sea"). It is separated from the Mediterrean by a 22 km long sandy promontory.

With its crystalline and warm water the Costa Calida is an ideal location for beach holidays. At the coastline wide sandy beaches alternate with small bays and steep coasts. At the Costa Calida there are also perfect conditions for all types of water sports, including wind surfing, sailing, waterski and diving.

Thanks to the particular micro-climate, the yearly averave temperature is 18 degrees Celsius, there lots of sunshine and very litte precipitates, the total rainfall being below 340 millimeters. So, the Costa Calida is a recommendable holiday destination all the year round.

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