Buying Guide

Looking for a house in Spain? We can make it a reality!

Below are explanations and a clear guide on how to make your home acquisition on the Spanish coast. There is a significant difference when buying a in Spain compared to your home country. That’s why we, Hansson & Hertzell Real Estate Agency offers all our knowledge and professionalism, to make you feel safe throughout the process - from dream to reality.

Whats your dream living?

Balcony? An additional bedroom, or maybe close to a golf course? The list goes on. We recommend taking a while and really think about what is most important in your home purchase. Our long experience confirms that this is a vital step in the process.

Everything has a beginning..

All property rights to a Spanish residence must go through a Spanish notary. The notary ensures that both parties conduct a safe and secure business. It is also the notary that completes the deal. - "Escrutira Pública de Compraventa". A high-pitched ceremony where money and keys change ownership. The road here is not quite easy. We simplify in this guide how the process works. Everything to make it as smooth as possible for you.

Where do you want to live?

Knowing where to live fundamental, and we can assist with information about virtually every area on the Spanish coast. In Spain, one works out of exclusive or non-exclusive contracts. This means whether sales are located with only one broker or several. In the second case, it means that the quality changes to photos, descriptions. The pricing of the accommodation is usually set by the seller himself. Here, there is the possibility of a quick exit and the final price can therefore differ significantly from equivalent accommodation.

How to find your home?

The Internet is a guaranteed profitable entity - Unfortunately, the websites are often poorly updated and houses are often or can already be sold. To avoid disappointment, contact Hansson & Hertzell right from the start, with your requirements and wishes.

How do you choose your real estate agent?

We at Hansson & Hertzell are affiliated with MSL organizations around the Spanish Sun Coast. MSL is a common database for finding properties for the right buyer. There we have access to the full range of the market, and can quickly and efficiently help you get closer to your dream home.

Spanish agents work differently than many other counterparts in Eruope, where they often take informal "purchase orders" - though they actually represent the seller in the deal. Collaborative brokers in between are common practise.

One of our motions is that none of our customers should feel insecure at any stage of the deal, so that would be how to open the door for the first time, but even then we will be there. How to get a showing differs slightly from many countries, even that. It is usually only individual showings and sometimes the seller can also be in place with his broker and the information can be scarce, we are with you to help ease the situation and bring out the facts you and we need.


An important detail is to hire a lawyer to see all the documents and other details in his order and match point and dot. We will of course help you find a suitable lawyer for your needs. The broker fees are included in the starting price and are paid in most cases by the seller, but can also be paid by the buyer.

Market values in Spain can sometimes be difficult to understand. Statement of statistics is not as available as many other places and you can often not find information about closing prices and starting prices.

Hansson & Hertzell has access to statistics and can quickly make an estimate of the value of the accommodation. Acquisition costs amount to 12- 15% of the purchase price. Some of these go to the notary, the rest is tax paid to the municipality, state and province. What the percentage exactly depends on depends on the selling price and where the property or object is located.

We'll help you figure out what the exact percentage will be when it's time.

Choosing a good and reliable lawyer is an important and good start in a home purchase. We can of course recommend reliable and communicative lawyers through one of our partners, a reputable Spanish law firm with understanding of our customers needs.

Step by step - The way to your home in Spain Financing

Even before the search begins, you should have found out how your accommodation will be financed - so you can act quickly if you would find the dream home faster than expected. The housing can often be loaned up to 5070% of the value. We help you to arrive at the smartest and best financial solution that best suits your needs.

Legal representative

The buyer in Spain is usually always represented by a legal representative - sometimes even the seller. The Ombud is available as support and assistance throughout the deal, the agent's mission is to look after your interests, so do not hesitate to make demands.

We work with a reputable Spanish law firm with Swedish speaking staff who are featured throughout the process. Those who assist with it ● Helps our customers to open Spanish bank accounts ● Review all documents and make sure everything is in order - your safety is important US.

● Property control ● Launch electricity and water through their suppliers. ● Take care of annual declaration if necessary.

N.I.E NUMBER - tax identification number

To be able to own a property in Spain, you need a Spanish tax identification number. You apply for a tax identification number at the Spanish embassy or consulate in Sweden. This is also something our lawyer can help with. Only then can you register as an owner in the law register and thus act as the rightful owner of the residence.

Make an offer

Once you have found your home, it's time for bidding. Previously, it has been common for you to put a lower bid than the exposed price, but when the market changed last year, fewer sellers are willing to fall in price today than previously. There is still a chance to bargain down their home in Spain and we are always there for advice and guidance when it comes to bidding.


When the agreement is reached between buyers and sellers, an "Option de Compras" is written - a purchase contract. Certain conditions are already prescribed and others are negotiated between the two parties. In order to reserve a home it can cost a total of 30005000 €. If more time is needed, the bank may need to verify the loan, or the like, then you usually pay 10% purchase price as a second installment.

Date of entry and payment

We meet in the Notary office and both parties have their respective representatives. Now the purchase letter is written. Both the buyer and the seller's identities are ensured. The notary also wants to note how the loan situation looks. The remaining payment as well as the registration fee, taxes are paid directly to the notary with a certified bank check. The notary also accepts the purchase price and for transfer to the seller.

The notary will take care of all expenses incurred when purchasing a home. After the meeting and the deal you finished the keys get and can immediately go to your new home and turn the key. Subscriptions and insurances are signed in connection with the access, most importantly, is home insurance that must be valid from the date of access