Los Náufragos / El Acequión


Los Náufragos / El Acequión

Los Náufragos / El Acequión is a popular urban area by the sea in Torrevieja. It could be seen as the underdog of the city because it houses two beaches, 5 parks, and neighbours the famous pink lake. Nevertheless, this piece of paradise is much calmer than the rest of the city, making it popular among locals, families, and the elderly.  The area is calm, peaceful, but comes with all amenities possible. Please let us tell you more about the special character of this area!

Where is Los Náufragos / El Acequión located?

On the Costa Blanca we find one of Spain’s most popular destinations: Torrevieja. It belongs to the Valencian Community and is part of the Vega Baja. 
On the South end of Torrevieja is the area of Playa Del Acequión. Separated by a salt dock, Playa de Los Naufragos lies next to Acequión, making up the area between the salt lake and the ocean. 
This urban stretch is about 2 kilometres long, connecting Torrevieja with Southern neighbour Orihuela Costa. It's easily accesible tahnks to strong transportation links. You can reach the beautiful Mar Menor in half an hour by car. Other big cities as Alicante, Benidorm, or Murcia lie within an hour.
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Where is the closest airport?

Murcia-San Javier (RMU) 29 km
Alicante-Elche (ALC) 45 km

Where is the closest bus stop?

Avda. Desidério Rodriguez
La Veleta
La Cibeles

What to do in Los Náufragos / El Acequión?

The best beaches

First, the beaches are these areas biggest attractions. Playa Del Acequión is a real family beach. It has fine golden sand and a shallow drop into the water. It is less visually appealing, but it is a safe beach that is very popular among locals, as it’s rarely overcrowded. Many people also exercise their dogs here, and also pick up after them. The beach gets cleaned daily and is in great condition. 
Many restaurants are overlooking the beach and harbour. On the end, they’ve designated a small area to play boules. It’s the perfect location to enjoy an afternoon in the sun with the kids, the dogs, or whoever else!
Playa De Los Naufragos is a shorter, wider beach South of Acequión beach. Again, the quality of the sand and water is great. This beach also gets cleaned daily, and both beaches actually have the blue flag award for cleanliness and safety! 
Naufragos is lined with a small promenade and palm trees. There are public toilets and a first aid room. The water is shallow and suitable for calm swimming. There isn’t a big offer of water sports like there is in Playa Del Cura or Playa De Los Locos. There only is one beach bar. However, it is equipped with a volleyball court, gym equipment and a climbing frame. And for that drink you can just walk over to neighbouring Acequión. 
You can find people working out in informal sessions, or dancing to a Zumba class on these beaches. It’s a bubbly location that attracts many people, but never feels busy. 

The salt lake

This area is squeezed in between the ocean and the salt lakes. This has nice additions to life here. First, there are plenty of walking, hiking, or cycling trails. The lakes are home to a varied selection of flora and fauna, under which pink flamingoes. You can take tours to go birdwatching or to learn more about the lakes. 
The lakes also bring health benefits with them. In ‘climate and weather’ we will lay them all out for you. 
But besides that, the backdrop of mountains with the lake make for a beautiful sight. Rare algae that live in the lakes colour the water from purple to all kinds of pink. Especially during sunset, this is something you want to see. 

The harbour

Playa Del Acequión borders the harbour of Torrevieja. This harbour has been improved over the last years and is now home to restaurants, monuments, and even nightclubs. The international harbour has great services, such as boat club Nautico, rental boats and jet skis, and even a fuel supply station!
In and around La Marina International:

1. Museum Submarino S-61 Museos Flotantes, where you can see a genuine old submarine.
2. La Bocana Water sports, where you can wakeboard or water skate 
3. Paddle tennis courts for rent
4. Dique de Levante Breakwater pier, better known as the ‘cholesterol stroll’, due to local doctors recommending making the walk daily as part of a healthy lifestyle. 


This small urban area has a surprising amount of 5 parks! These green areas are pleasant between the houses, and two of them have playgrounds for children. Many people bring their dogs and children here. Also, the parks are home to many bird species. 

What are the best restaurants in Los Náufragos / El Acequión?

Here are some of our favourite restaurants in this area:
Olympos — The best Greek kitchen in town. The food is fresh, delicious and the staff is very friendly. The location is also superb since you are 10 metres away from the ocean.
Umami Cocina Japones Fusion — exciting food with a twist. The restaurant is modern and clean, and the presentation of the dishes are little works of art. We recommend their oysters and sushi. 
Meson el Huertano — the Mediterranean and Spanish kitchen for meat-lovers. The restaurant is a nice experience that gives out generous portions. The price tag is a bit higher, but that comes with great quality food. Eating here is about taking your time and enjoying the environment. 
La Caleta — known for their lovely breakfasts by the water’s edge. The food is tasty, the price is good, and the location is unbeatable. Try their daily menu!
Michelangelo — Italian kitchen and the pizza. The staff is friendly and goes out of their way to make you happy. Super food and super service. 

What services can I expect in Los Náufragos / El Acequión?

This area has the best location when it comes to amenities. Being right at the centre, it’s only 2.5 kilometres from the International Hospital. All other necessary services, such as pharmacies, are here in this area. 
Supermarkets are mostly located in Acequión. In Los Naufragos there is only one, however, you’ll find kiosks with basic products all over town. Any other service you can think of is close by, either in Torrevieja, or a short drive ahead in Orihuela Costa. 

How is the Climate and weather in Los Náufragos / El Acequión?

The weather here is exceptional. There is an average of 325 sunny days a year with an annual temperature of 18 °C. The ocean provides a cooling sea breeze, making both summers and winters mild. 
This area also enjoys one of the world's healthiest climates, according to the WHO. The Crevillente mountains, sea, and salt lakes make up a unique microclimate. This causes the air to be clean and rich in oxygen, sodium, and Iodine. Living around this area comes with many health benefits:
1. Iodine helps to balance out your hormones, reducing stress and anxiety
2. Better sleep thanks to the higher air pressure
3. A healthier blood pressure due to the extra oxygen in the air
4. A healthier immune system, caused by more vitamin D and Iodine, preventing illness and infection.
5. Sunlight and vitamin D improve and the general mood
6. Sodium rich air helps to keep lungs clean, fights common colds, and eases the breath
7. odine in sea salt speeds up wound healing. In particular, people with eczema, acne, or even internal inflammations would benefit from bathing in the water here.
Many people have come and stayed here for this healthy environment. 

How is the real estate market in Los Náufragos / El Acequión?

This area is well-sought after because it is cheaper than other beachfront areas. Nevertheless, it is a prime location with all amenities available and great transportation links. There is a rich offer in restaurants and shops, creating the perfect environment with everything you might need. 
The real estate market here consists mostly of resale properties. The area of Acequión has flats, and so has the 1st and 2nd line of Los Naufragos. Behind there are low-rise bungalows and town houses. The properties are built in classic Spanish style. The urbanizations sometimes come with a communal pool and garage. Also, these complexes have elevators. 
These are some of the most popular urbanizations in this area:
The population is mixed between local Spanish residents and Northern-European ex-pats. A large percentage of these residents are families with kids and elderly people. There is a big Scandinavian community here, as well as German, French, Belgian, Russian, and British. It’s a local and social community!

For more information or questions about living in Spain, please contact us. We’re more than happy to help you with the complete process.

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